Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are you hungry?

There's one topic that inspires even my most reluctant writers...

Each year, I do several food-oriented writing projects with my students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Most are opinion projects, and they certainly do have opinions about the foods they do and don't like!

Here's a rundown of my projects:

Kindergarten/First Grade
Primary students express their opinions about their favorite 
breakfasts after a fun brainstorming activity.

Students describe what they would eat at a restaurant. 
They come up with some very interesting meals!

First, second, and third graders tell the steps 
needed to make a chosen dish.

Fruit is healthy and delicious! First and second graders 
explain why the love their favorite fruit.

We all scream for ice cream! First and second graders 
tell about their favorite flavor.

Third and fourth graders give their opinions for improving school lunch.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders explain why they love a certain 
restaurant by writing a five paragraph essay.

Pictures from morgueFile.