Thursday, January 1, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 ~ Teacher Style

It's always exciting to open my Stitch Fix box and peel away the tissue paper to see what's inside! I just love the all the cool colors in my latest Fix.

This Anders Heart Print Split Neck Blouse is perfect for me. I love how it's so long and flowy, and it's a great color too. I can dress it up with jewelry, slacks and a cardigan or dress it down with jeans and boots. It came with a blue camisole too. A definite keeper!

These Anita Ponte gray pants are the same style as the black pants in my last fix, which I sent back because I own a pair of Calvin Klein black pants almost exactly like them. Although I tried on the black pants in my last fix, I didn't pay much attention to the fit. These gray pants are a bit too loose. I also don't care for the polyester type fabric of these pants--even thought it's mostly rayon, not polyester. I prefer pants that are a stretchy cotton blend. These are going back.
Plus... I found a pair of CK pants at Costco (they have the best Calvin Klein pants, capris, and shorts). They're the same color, but they're a nice sleek, stretchy cotton blend, and the fit is great. I like them so much that I bought them in a very light gray (almost white--paired above with the blue blouse) and teal as well. Love them!

I just love the pattern of this Phelan Abstract Chevron blouse! The neutral black and off-white makes it easy to pair with colored jeans like this pair that I got at American Eagle (They have the best fitting stretchy skinny jeans and jeggings). I do think this blouse is a bit boxy, and it doesn't really flatter my mid-section. I'm keeping it anyway. Some days I just want to wear a loose fitting blouse.

This Potina Checkered Lining Cardigan is very interesting---and I don't really care for it. I don't think it looks very good on me. I'm also not sure what to pair it with. My classroom is always hot, even in winter, so I probably wouldn't get much use out of it. Back it goes.

When I pulled this Leighton Boat Neck Knit Shirt out of the box, I didn't like it. I tried it on and decided to send it back. A couple of days later, I put it on again, and I completely changed my mind. I actually like it a lot. I think it looks good on me, and it's really, really soft. It's a bit shorter than I usually prefer, but it'll be nice to wear with jeans or my new teal CK pants. Keeper!

This is the style card that my stylist sent me. There are a lot of good suggestions for pairing the pieces in this fix with other items. I love reading Lauren's note and checking out the shoe and accessory suggestions. There are always a few that I'd never wear, though: no ripped or super sloppy jeans and no frumpy shapeless beige skirt! Some of the color combinations, I would never do. I like to match a little bit more. I do have a teal straight skirt just like the picture that will look great with the Phelan blouse! Yay!

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  1. I love the blue heart blouse. I'm wondering if you could share how much it costs. Thanks!

    1. So sorry for my delay in replying. I couldn't remember, so I had to look for the invoice. That blouse was $68, which is a little pricy for me! I do love it, though. In my feedback to my stylist, I asked that the price of tops be kept to $50 and under.

  2. I was intrigued but unfortunately this doesn't come in plus sizes:(