Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stitch Fix #8 ~ Teacher Style

My latest Stitch Fix box had some great pieces. I just love the anticipation of opening the box and finding out what my stylist, Lauren, has chosen for me!

This Malaga Drape Cardigan by Laila Jayde is just perfect! I love the color because it's great for spring and summer, and it goes with so many of my existing pieces. Even though it's really hot where I live, I take a cardigan everywhere I go. You never know when the a/c will be running at full blast!

I love this Neptune Racerback Blouse by Papermoon. It's just my style! 

The blouse looks great with the turquoise cardigan.

Although I really like the style and colors of this Benita Knit Top by Loveappella, the fit wasn't great. It was little snug across the chest and just didn't hang well.

I was going to keep this Jamie Knit Top by Papermoon even though it's too hot to wear right now. Temps have been in the 90's this week! I figured I'd save it for fall. However, I noticed that the tag said, "dry clean only." Nope. 

The fit of these Denise Bootcut Jeans by Liverpool was great, and they were really comfortable. The fabric, however, is quite thick and the length is long. They would look great with wedges, but I just don't think I'd wear them much. Did I mention that it's hot where I live? I just don't wear heavy fabrics or long pants very often in the spring and summer, and I wouldn't want to wear white pants in the fall or winter. Maybe if they were a darker color...

I'm looking forward to my fix for next month. I requested some vacation pieces. I can't wait to see what Lauren picks out for me!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Field Trips & Animal Reports ~ Fun for Primary Grades!

Field trips can be so fun and exciting for students! They're especially engaging if they involve animals. Do you take your class on a field trip to the zoo, aquarium, or farm? If so, you can have your students do some research for an animal report before and/or after your field trip adventure.

Make sure to find out what animals are at the zoo ahead of time and make a list for your students. Have your students select from the list and begin their research. It will be exciting for them knowing that they'll see the animal they're learning about on their zoo field trip!

If I lived near a zoo, I would love to take my students there on a field trip! Instead, we have a special exhibit of lions, elephants, dolphins, and even white tigers! I've enjoyed taking my students on that field trip before. Sometimes a lucky student gets picked to be an assistant dolphin trainer!

This animal report mini-book is perfect for beginning researchers and writers. It would also make a great take-home project or "buddy" project with upper grade classes.

PebbleGo is a great online research resource for primary grades. It requires a paid subscription, but it is totally worth it! You can request a free trial period.

For many years, I was able to take my class on a field trip to a farm festival. It was always such a wonderful experience! Many students had never seen farm animals up close before. PebbleGo also has a section on farm animals for students to research.

With this Awesome Animals research project, students will learn about several animals and make an Awesome Animals booklet. This project is great for a themed animal book such as zoo animals, farm animals, ocean animals, desert animals, and more!

Although I don't live near SeaWorld, we do have an amazing local aquarium that is a popular field trip destination. It even has a glass tunnel to walk through where sharks swim around you. The kids love it!

Have fun on your field trips and creating animal reports with your students!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #7 ~ Teacher Style

My latest Stitch Fix box was a good one. I kept everything!

Here's what I received this month:

I instantly fell in love with this Rover Abstract Print Zip Back Blouse by 19 Copper. I love the colors, pattern, and silky feel of the fabric. Although the colors are a bit fall-like to me, I think the light blue brings a little spring to the blouse.

I have heard about these Kate Boyfriend Jeans by Kut From the Kloth, and I couldn't wait to try them on. 

Both the top and jeans fit great! I thought they worked well together, especially with a little navy blue cardigan from Old Navy. The jeans are extremely comfortable, and they're my new favorite pair!

This Crissy Spacedye Cross-Back Knit Shirt by Papermoon has a really cute pocket detail that I love, along with the nice criss-cross back. I love it paired with my Calvin Klein capris.

The color of this Abrianna Longsleeve Know Cardigan by 41Hawthorn really caught my eye. It's perfect to throw on over a light blouse. I really like that the sleeves aren't tight because I can wear it over a blouse with sleeves.

This Dove Printed Maxi Dress by Skies are Blue is simply gorgeous! Everything about it is fantastic - the color, the pattern the fabric, the slits up the sides, the detailing of the bodice,...except for the fact that it's a maxi dress. I just don't like wearing maxi dresses, so I gave it to my daughter. She looks beautiful in it!

Because of the 25% discount for keeping all five items, it didn't make sense to send the dress back. I would have only saved $4! 

I wore all four items that I kept right away. I hope my next fix is just as good as this one!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Are you hungry?

There's one topic that inspires even my most reluctant writers...

Each year, I do several food-oriented writing projects with my students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Most are opinion projects, and they certainly do have opinions about the foods they do and don't like!

Here's a rundown of my projects:

Kindergarten/First Grade
Primary students express their opinions about their favorite 
breakfasts after a fun brainstorming activity.

Students describe what they would eat at a restaurant. 
They come up with some very interesting meals!

First, second, and third graders tell the steps 
needed to make a chosen dish.

Fruit is healthy and delicious! First and second graders 
explain why the love their favorite fruit.

We all scream for ice cream! First and second graders 
tell about their favorite flavor.

Third and fourth graders give their opinions for improving school lunch.

Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders explain why they love a certain 
restaurant by writing a five paragraph essay.

Pictures from morgueFile.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #6 ~ Teacher Style

It's so exciting to get my Stitch Fix box!

Here's the rundown of what I received this month:

Although there are many things I love about this Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress from Pixley - the color, the pattern, the fabric - I don't like the length. It's just too short for me. As a teacher, I'm bending over and squatting to tie shoes way too often to wear a dress this length to school. I do have some short sundresses that I'll wear in the summer, but with the sleeves on this dress, I probably wouldn't wear it in the summer. This dress is also quite similar to one from Fix #2, which is a much better length for me. Although I don't need two dresses that are pretty much the same style, I would have kept this one if it was a few inches longer.

I really liked this Christy Embroidered Top from THML. The stitching was so unique, and the fabric was a light-weight cotton - perfect for the hot weather where I live. Unfortunately, the top portion didn't lay well, and I kept having to adjust it to sit evenly on my shoulders. I sent it back.

This Angela Quilted Detailed Blouse by 41Hawthorn is the same style as a blouse from Fix #1. I LOVE the original blouse with stud detailing. This fabric of this blouse is thicker, and there is quilting on the shoulders. I didn't like this one at all, mostly because of the quilting. I also don't want another top that is the same style (and color!!!) as one I already have.
Back it went.

I liked this Sonoma Striped Sleeveless Top by Fun2Fun, even though it poked out a little bit in front at the armholes. I loved the style, but the colors...SO FALL!!! It would look great with a navy cardigan in October. We are having a glorious early spring here in the west. I'm not interested in wearing this bright orange with navy now. I sent it back.

This Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse by Brixon Ivy was perfect to wear for my Valentine's Day dinner paired with pants from Fix #1 and a cardigan from Fix #3
I love the colors in this blouse. Keeper!!!

Overall, I thought this fix was a good mix of styles. My regular stylist, Lauren, was on vacation this time, so a different stylist chose my items. 
I am requesting Lauren for my stylist again. 

I can't wait for my fix next month!

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