Monday, December 29, 2014

Compare and Contrast Writing

Research, write, and compare and contrast with my new "vs." packets!

These fun projects would be perfect for whole-class shared research and writing for younger grades. Older students could work independently, possibly in a research and writing center. Half of the class could research and write about one animal, the other half could learn about the other. Students could partner-up to compare and contrast the two animals and write a compare and contrast paper.

Polar Bears vs. Penguins makes a great addition to an Arctic Circle/Antarctica unit, especially at winter time!

Butterflies vs. Frogs makes a great addition to a life cycle unit,
especially at springtime!

Sharks vs. Dolphins makes a great addition to 
an ocean unit any time of year!
Check out Sharks vs. Dolphins!

Bats vs. Owls makes a great fall project, 
especially around Halloween time!
Check out Bats vs. Owls!

All of the compare and contrast units are available 
in a discounted Vs. Bundle!

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