Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tux Paint ~ 1st Grade in the Computer Lab

I've been using a fun new graphics program in the computer lab. 
It's called Tux Paint, and the best thing's FREE!

First graders often need practice using a computer mouse. Tux Paint is a great program to use to help students develop their mouse skills. At the same time, students can practice basic keyboarding skills. I teach them to use the shift key to capitalize, space one time after words, and punctuate after the last word in a sentence.

To start the activity, I gather students around the Smart Board and demonstrate the project. I also make a sample paper for them to refer to.

First, select the Abc Text tool and type your name.

Next, use the Lines and Shapes tools to draw a house. Choose any color.

Use the Lines and Paint tools to draw a tree.

Use the Abc Text tool to type a sentence describing your house.

Finally, students print their masterpieces!

You can check out this free program HERE
Your students will love it!

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  1. Cute - thank you for sharing!! I can't wait to use this!!

  2. My kiddos will love this, thanks for sharing this great idea.

  3. Great idea Lisa! Your students are so lucky to have a wonderful technology teacher!
    from Well, Michelle?