Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tux Paint ~ 1st Grade in the Computer Lab

I've been using a fun new graphics program in the computer lab. 
It's called Tux Paint, and the best thing's FREE!

First graders often need practice using a computer mouse. Tux Paint is a great program to use to help students develop their mouse skills. At the same time, students can practice basic keyboarding skills. I teach them to use the shift key to capitalize, space one time after words, and punctuate after the last word in a sentence.

To start the activity, I gather students around the Smart Board and demonstrate the project. I also make a sample paper for them to refer to.

First, select the Abc Text tool and type your name.

Next, use the Lines and Shapes tools to draw a house. Choose any color.

Use the Lines and Paint tools to draw a tree.

Use the Abc Text tool to type a sentence describing your house.

Finally, students print their masterpieces!

You can check out this free program HERE
Your students will love it!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Fun!

I've been BOO'ed! We have a fun October tradition of BOO'ing at my school.
I walked into my classroom yesterday morning to see this!
I think my BOO'er knows me well! 
I stapled the "I've been BOO'ed" paper outside my door, and now it's my turn to buy a gift and BOO someone.
This is such a fun activity for the teachers at my school every October!

Here are some fun fall activities that your students might enjoy this fall.

Celebrate fall with this wreath and poetry project!
It's a fun and engaging project for students, and it makes a beautiful fall bulletin board.

This pumpkin life cycle mini-book makes a great final project for any pumpkin unit. 
There are lots of options for the mini-book with pictures only or lines for writing so that students can describe each life cycle stage.

Many schools don't celebrate Halloween anymore. This monster project and informative writing activity is the perfect unit for this time of year. It's "Halloweenish" without really having anything to do with Halloween. My student have always loved it!

Students can make a mini-book to tell all about fall.
There are different pages for writing and illustrating or for writing only.

I 'm really enjoying fall so far, and I hope you are too!