Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Idea! Share, Share, Switch ~ A Sharing & Feedback Activity

Try a Share, Share, Switch activity with your little authors!

         I did this activity in the computer lab with my second graders' published pieces. They love to show off the color of their borders and clip art since our printers only print in black and white.

         You could easily do the activity in your classroom with paper copies of your students' writing as well.

         Chose a student helper and demonstrate each step of the activity with your own writing example:
  1. Stand up, hand up, pair up and choose a partner.
  2. Decide who wants to share first.
  3. Take your partner to your spot and have them sit in your seat.
  4. Read your writing to your partner. Your partner should be thinking of a       
      compliment and a question while listening.
  5. Listen to your partner's compliment and question.
  6. Thank your partner and answer the question.
  7. Go to your partner's spot, sit down, and repeat.
  8. When done, go to the "switching spot" and switch partners (wait there if no 
      other students are available yet).
  9. Repeat for several rounds.

         Students LOVE to share their work! This activity keeps all students involved at once and gives them many opportunities to share, listen, and respond to comments and questions from their peers. It's sooooo much better than whole group sharing and is a more comfortable situation for students who are nervous presenting in front of a large group. This activity also helps meet Common Core listening and speaking standards.

I hope you enjoyed my Share, Share, Switch Bright Idea!

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  1. I love the hands up to help pair up! I am going to give this a shot in the computer last next week!
    The Schroeder Page