Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bright Idea! A Computer Lab Project: Labeling a Diagram

Here's a bright idea! 
Take your students to the computer lab to create and label a diagram in PowerPoint. It's a fun and engaging project for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!
Start this activity by having students choose an animal. It's best if students have some prior knowledge about the animal they select. I had my students choose an animal that's a pet.
Students can use Microsoft Clip Art to find an image of their chosen animal. Another good source for images is It's a free image library for educational use.
Now it's time to think of labels for the animal. I had my students think of four or five labels. Labels could include body parts, colors, and body coverings (fur, scales, etc.).
Students can chose a plain line or an arrow to draw from their text box to the image. There are also some fun, funky arrows to choose from.
Changing the line's color and width makes it really stand out. 
Students love to experiment with the different options!
Take it a step further and have students add some color and style to make the text boxes pop.
Students could also change the font of the title and text boxes.
Here are some of my students working on labeling their animals:
Here are a few of my students' finished products: 
This project was completed in a 45 minute class session (includes teaching time and working time). Next time we'll add some design to the text boxes and change the font.
My students loved this project! Labeling a diagram in PowerPoint could be taught alone or conjunction with a longer research project or report. I hope you enjoyed this Bright Idea for the computer lab.

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  1. Fantastic skills to teach! I love this idea.

  2. Those look so cute!! I wish I'd seen this before we did our fruit sections - it would have been so much tidier than the drawings :)


  3. I think this idea is so smart! My kiddos would be so motivated to do this because they love anything that involves technology! Thanks for sharing!
    One Happy Teacher

  4. This is a great idea Lisa! It is a such a valuable thing for students to learn! :)
    from Well, Michelle?