Monday, November 11, 2013

What Gets You Going in the Morning?

It's no fun getting out of bed in the morning. Especially when it's dark and cold outside and. I used to sleep as late as I could and drag myself out of bed to get ready for work. I'd take my coffee with me to work in a travel mug and never really get time to enjoy it. 

Last school year, I changed my routine. Now, my day starts off on a much nicer note. I set my alarm 30 minutes early, make myself a great cup of coffee, and relax on the couch. It's so nice to wake up slowly and enjoy sipping my warm cup of coffee. I look forward to it, and I even find myself waking up earlier before my alarm goes off.

My family loves our Keurig! It's so easy and convenient to make a quick cup of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa any time of day.

I have a lot of coffee cups! These are some of my favorites. 

~I had to have the Las Vegas mug from Starbucks because it's so cool and retro looking! 
~My family went to Disneyland for their 50th anniversary and I got the middle mug there. 
~The Mickey Hawaii cup was a fun find last summer in Honolulu. 
~The adorable owl mug was given to me by a favorite student. Owls are my school's mascot.
~The Okinawa mug is from Starbucks in Okinawa. My husband and I traveled to to Japan a few years ago. 
~In the previous picture, the Kyoto mug is from Starbucks in Kyoto.

There are a lot of Starbucks in Japan. They have a coffee size called Short that is smaller than Tall. It's not enough for me in the morning, but I think it's great for an afternoon pick-me-up.

How do you get going in the morning?

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  1. Love all your mugs! My favorite is my Disney Paris one! I like it because it is extra big and reminds me of a happy place! :)
    from Well, Michelle?