Sunday, November 3, 2013

This Week in My Computer Lab ~ Intermediate

One of the great things about my third, fourth, and fifth graders is their proficiency on the computer. I've had most for them for three years, and they've learned and retained so much. At the beginning of the year, we're ready to dive right onto some great Common Core writing projects!

Third & Fourth Grades

The first trimester Common Core writing benchmark for third and fourth grades is narrative writing, real or imaginary. We recently finished publishing writing projects from my Narrative Writing Packet:

It's available in my here in my TPT store.

In my computer lab, we work on every stage of the writing process:

1. Brainstorming/Prewriting
2. Drafting
3. Revising
4. Editing
5. Publishing
6. Evaluating/Feedback

I love to start off a project with a quick brainstorming activity.

My third graders brainstormed unusual pets, 
and my fourth graders brainstormed interesting field trip destinations.


I created a prewriting graphic organizer template for my students to type into. It takes them longer than it would if they were writing with a pencil, but it's good keyboarding practice.


I have students type their rough draft and then go back and revise. Editing takes place throughout the entire process. Really, they can't seem to move forward when they see those red, green, and blue lines!

My students love to add border, clip art, and change their font when publishing. I have a list of approved fonts for publishing because they would otherwise pick really fancy fonts that are hard to read.

With my third graders, I really have to work on paragraphing. 
It's a big leap from writing one good paragraph in second grade to 
a five paragraph paper in third grade.

My fourth graders have paragraphing down from last year, so I focus a lot on dialogue and how to properly use quotation marks on the computer.

We're ready for the evaluating and feedback portion of this project, and I have some new ideas to share with you soon!

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